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 Elegance In Interior Design

Whether you want to use our “Move in Magic” services or need a complete redesign of your home, we are able to help. Having over 40 years of combined experience, Wood Interior Designers can accomplish your project large or small. Call us today! 

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 A few small changes can make all the difference.

We love using our ability to take a client’s unique possessions which reflect their preferences and life history and putting them into play thus helping to keep the personal feel of the home intact. 


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Bunny Rabbit

Below is an example of interior changes made in a home where cabinetry was added and pictures reorganized giving the dining area a much cleaner feel and useful area. In the process the client gained a buffet too!

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to see what we might do for your home.



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Services We Provide

Move In Magic

We coordinate your move with placement of furniture, pictures and accessories making the moving process almost enjoyable!

 Revitalize Existing Interior

re·vi·tal·ize  “To inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality of new life and vitality.” Many times we can take your existing decor and “revitalize” it!

New Interior Design

We can help you through the process of a complete interior redesign or new construction. 

We Make Interiors Exceptional!