Helping to revitalize neighborhoods one home at a time! 


Wood Interior Revivals consists of two designers, Suzanne Wood and Sis Wood. Their love of design began early and has continued throughout their lives. Their combined professional experience totals over 40 years.

Whether the project is home renovation, decorating or moving to a new location; interior designers bring a lot of value and have the ability to assist in many ways. At Wood Interior Revivals, one special characteristic of their work is using a client’s unique possessions that reflect the client’s preferences and life history.

Whether your redecorating dream is large or small, it would be our pleasure to meet with you to  define the objectives of your project and to determine how we may assist you. Our success has not only been based on our work but also our approach to the project and how we treat our customers.  

Some examples of services include:


  • All aspects of moving to a new location

  • Consultation on construction work

  • Reviving room arrangements

  • Installing new and existing artwork

  • Consultation on paint

  • Exterior curb appeal

  • Consultation on window coverings

  • Staging homes to help prep them for market 

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Often people say to me, how do you build a house with so many decisions to make or buy a condo and get it decorated so quickly?
I grin because I immediately think of Suzanne and Sis and all the fun that I have when they take on one of my projects. 
They include me in all the decision making that I wish to be included and take on what I do not want to decide! It really is the best of both worlds I get to participate yet have the experts to pull it together! They are extremely talented, personable, and yes, FUN! (They also know how to work within a budget!) I highly recommend them if you need expert design work and also a bit of Magic!  
Jaynie N.

Moving is at best stressful. Suzanne and Sis took the stress out of our move. They
unpacked the boxes, hung the pictures, placed the furniture, arranged the book
shelves and made an empty house, our home.

When they finished and we looked at
all they had done, my husband told me, ” We didn’t pay them enough!”

Ene P.

My husband and I bought a historic home in Midtown but still had no pictures hung over 2 months later.  I had pictures from our previous home and from my mother’s home and needed to combine them.

Sis and Suzanne came in and did a fabulous job with groupings of our many family and travel pictures.  They used my accessories in different ways in my living room and dining room to give the rooms a fresh, new look. 

It was wonderful to be able to listen to their ideas and provide feedback and come home and the job was done!  When my family came for the holidays everything was beautiful.

Jane E.

Suzanne and Sis made our decorating project easy and fun. They have a wealth of experience, talent and knowledge. From the beginning of the project to the very end, they were professional and a joy to work with.

In addition to their own skills, they have a network of connections who helped get every job done from upholsterers , wood refinishers and painters, to rug and antique dealers.

We felt so comfortable teaming up with these two gracious Southern ladies. They turned a project that could have been stressful into one that was well organized and fun. We love our new rooms and look forward to doing more with them.

Julie B.

Sis and Suzanne are miracle workers!

They literally transformed a messy former playroom into an upstairs sitting room that is sleek and functional.  

They can help with anything, from painters and flooring services, to furniture and decorative items.  They are especially helpful with using what their clients already have and then finding reasonably priced new things if needed.  

Their design sense is spectacular.  They can hang your artwork to look like an art gallery, and arrange your bookshelves to be ready for the photographer from Architectural Digest!  

I recommend them most heartily.


Sis & Suzanne do an awesome job with their move in magic. They are able to take the items you have and move them around in a way that you would never think of. Our last move, my pictures were hung that day and furniture was placed. They are amazing! 

Kristi Watkins

Realtor, Bickerstaff Parham Real Estate